Navigating through the Arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) Manga

Story Arcs 

Jujutsu Kaisen is divided into multiple story arcs, each contributing to the series’ overarching narrative. As of now, there are a total of 11 arcs, comprising 255 chapters, 47 episodes, and 1 movie. These arcs offer plot developments, character growth, and intense action sequences that captivate readers and viewers alike. Each arc introduces new challenges, adversaries, and revelations that propel the story forward. From the initial introduction of the characters to the climactic battles against powerful curses, every arc contributes to the rich and immersive world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

These arcs include:

  • Introduction Arc
  • Cursed Womb Arc
  • Yuji Itadori Retrieval Arc
  • Vs. Mahito Arc
  • Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc
  • Death Painting Arc
  • Gojo’s Past Arc
  • Shibuya Incident Arc
  • Itadori’s Extermination Arc
  • Perfect Preparation Arc
  • Culling Game Arc
  • Shinjuku Showdown Arc

Each arc unfolds with its challenges and revelations, keeping readers and viewers engaged as they follow the journey of the characters and the unfolding mysteries of the jujutsu world.

Introduction Arc: 

Arc's summaries of JJK Manga

Yuta Okkotsu is a special-grade cursed individual haunted by his childhood friend, Rika Orimoto, now a vengeful cursed spirit. Following a violent incident at his school, Yuta is placed under the care of jujutsu sorcerer Satoru Gojo at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Encouraged by Gojo, Yuta joins his class of first-year jujutsu students on a mission to rescue two missing children. Paired with the strong-willed Maki Zenin, Yuta faces a colossal curse that swallows them whole. Inside, they find the missing children, and Yuta taps into Rika’s power to save everyone. This experience strengthens Yuta’s resolve to free Rika from her curse.

Cursed Womb Arc:

Cursed Spirits, also known as Curses, are spiritual entities that originate from the negative emotions emitted by humans, which manifest as cursed energy over time. These beings are invisible to ordinary people and pose a threat by haunting and causing harm to humanity. As a result, jujutsu sorcerers focus on exorcising these Cursed Spirits to protect people from their malevolent influence.

Cursed Womb Arc of JJK Manga

Cursed spirits are composed entirely of cursed energy, rendering them invisible and intangible to non-sorcerers. However, those who have been cursed may experience unusual symptoms without realizing the presence of a curse. In life-threatening situations caused by curses, some individuals may gain the ability to see these spirits temporarily. These entities manifest in various grotesque forms and sizes, typically lingering near their source and instinctively targeting humans. Some curses can inhabit objects or even possess them, becoming cursed corpses. Special-grade cursed spirits with high intelligence often take humanoid shapes and can communicate and organize themselves effectively.

Yuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto shared a childhood promise to love and marry each other. Sadly, Rika died in a tragic accident, becoming a vengeful cursed spirit haunting Yuta into his high school years. After Rika brutally attacks Yuta’s bullies, he’s taken in by Tokyo Jujutsu High and its sorcerer, Satoru Gojo. Instead of punishment, Satoru offers Yuta a chance to control Rika’s powers for good. Yuta agrees to become a jujutsu sorcerer to avoid isolation or death.

At Tokyo Jujutsu High, Yuta faces skepticism from fellow first-years Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda due to his condition. Satoru pairs Yuta with Maki on a mission to find missing children at a haunted elementary school. While fighting curses, Yuta and Maki are swallowed by a giant curse. Inside, they find the missing children but are vulnerable to curses. Yuta, determined to prove himself, calls upon Rika’s power to save everyone and complete the mission. Afterward, Satoru trains Yuta with Maki for months, giving him a katana to channel his power. Yuta’s next mission with Toge involves clearing a cursed shopping center. Initially successful, they face a powerful curse, requiring teamwork and trust to defeat.

Yuji Itadori Retrieval Arc:

Yuji Itadori Retrieval Arc from Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Yuji Itadori is just your average high school student, but he’s got a bit more talent than most. His life takes a wild turn when he crosses paths with Megumi Fushiguro, a jujutsu sorcerer. After swallowing a strange finger, Yuji finds himself thrust into a world filled with mysterious and dangerous curses. Thus begins his journey into the realm of sorcery and supernatural battles.

Mohito Arc:

Yuji is teamed up with Kento Nanami, a grade 1 sorcerer who used to be a salaryman, for a tough mission. Their task leads them to encounter a strange curse named Mahito, who brings unexpected challenges and pain into their lives. Mahito, also known as Mahito, is a significant antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is an unregistered special-grade cursed spirit who aligns himself with Pseudo-Geto. Leading his group, which includes Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon, Mahito aims to eradicate humanity and replace the population with cursed spirits. Yuji Itadori, a sports-loving high schooler, crosses paths with Megumi Fushiguro, a jujutsu sorcerer, during a hunt for cursed objects. Yuji’s friends accidentally release a dangerous curse, leading Yuji to ingest a finger containing the essence of Sukuna, the King of Curses. This grants him immense power but also makes him a target for sorcerers.

Mohito Arc of JJK manga

Saved by Megumi, Yuji faces trial but is recruited by Satoru Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer, to attend Tokyo Jujutsu High. Alongside Nobara Kugisaki, another first-year, they embark on missions to exorcise curses. Their first mission together involves clearing a building of curses. Nobara initially distrusts Yuji but they learn to work together, passing Gojo’s test. Later, they face a powerful curse in a detention center, where Yuji’s body is taken over by Sukuna during battle. Yuji’s death leads to suspicions of foul play, and his friends vow to get stronger. Meanwhile, Satoru trains Yuji to control his emotions and cursed energy. They encounter Jogo, a cursed spirit, and Satoru teaches Yuji about Domains, a powerful technique. Rivals from Kyoto, Aoi Todo, and Mai Zenin, arrive to challenge Tokyo students. Aoi fights Megumi while Mai targets Nobara, but they are interrupted by Panda and Toge. Satoru confronts the Kyoto principal, vowing to change the jujutsu establishment. The story progresses with intense battles, training, and preparations for the Kyoto Goodwill Event, where the students must prove themselves against their rivals and powerful cursed spirits.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc:

The Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc is the third arc in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen series. It revolves around the 30th Annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event, a competitive event where teams of students from Tokyo and Kyoto engage in intense jujutsu battles.

After their battles, Mahito and his allied curses relax at a hot spring, where Mahito recounts his adventures and rivalry with Sukuna’s vessel. Meanwhile, Gojo learns about recent events from Nanami and decides to use the Goodwill Event to cheer up Yuji and reunite him with his friends.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

On the day of the event, the Kyoto students arrive at the Tokyo campus, where Gojo surprises them by revealing that Yuji is alive. However, Megumi and Nobara are horrified by the news. Despite this, the Kyoto students focus on the souvenirs Gojo gave them, ignoring Yuji’s presence. The Kyoto Tech principal, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, is enraged by this revelation. The teams gather for a strategy meeting, with the Tokyo Team planning to integrate Yuji into their strategy while the Kyoto Team receives orders to kill Yuji. Megumi believes Yuji could be crucial in combat, but Aoi refuses to participate in the principal’s assassination attempt.

The Team Battle begins with Aoi targeting the Tokyo Team, while Yuji faces him in combat. Despite being overwhelmed at first, Yuji impresses Aoi with his resilience. Aoi challenges Yuji to grow stronger, and Yuji agrees to never accept weakness. As they fight, Yuji learns from Aoi and starts to improve his skills. Meanwhile, other members of the teams engage in battles across the event grounds. Megumi and Maki confront members of the Kyoto Team, demanding answers about their intentions towards Yuji. Nobara faces off against Momo, using her skills to gain the upper hand. As the battles unfold, tensions rise between the teams, and personal conflicts come to light. Eventually, the event concludes with several victors and unresolved conflicts among the participants.

Death Painting Arc:

After successfully exorcising the curses beneath Yasohachi Bridge, Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara face the consequences of their actions. Megumi reflects on his past and his bond with his sister, Tsumiki, finding new strength within himself. Meanwhile, Nobara engages in a deadly battle against the Death Paintings, using her Straw Doll Technique to counter their attacks and ultimately defeating them with her Hairpin attack.

Death Painting Arc

However, the victory comes at a cost as Yuji and Nobara grapple with the moral weight of taking lives, even those of cursed spirits. Their encounter with Eso and Kechizu forces them to confront the harsh reality of their duties as jujutsu sorcerers. As the dust settles, Choso, the older brother of Eso and Kechizu, learns of their demise and shares the news with Mahito and Geto. This sets the stage for further confrontations and challenges for Yuji and his friends as they navigate the dangerous world of curses and sorcery.

Gojo’s Past Arc:

Gojo’s Past Arc

The “Gojo’s Past Arc” or “Hidden Inventory / Premature Death Arc” in the Jujutsu Kaisen series delves into the backstory of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto during their second year at Tokyo Jujutsu High in 2006. Here’s a summary of the key events and battles:

  • The Two Strongest Sorcerers: Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto are tasked with escorting the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai, to Master Tengen. Their mission is to prevent Riko from ascending to a new state, which could endanger humanity. However, they face opposition from curse user groups, including Q and the Time Vessel Association.
  • Escorting the Star Plasma Vessel: Satoru and Suguru successfully protect Riko from assassination attempts by Q and the Time Vessel Association. Despite their efforts, Riko is ultimately killed by the Sorcerer Killer, Toji Zenin, who has zero cursed energy and is thus invisible to sorcerers.
  • The Invisible Assassin: Toji Zenin ambushes Satoru and Suguru, fatally injuring both and killing Riko. Suguru struggles with his purpose as a sorcerer and eventually decides to become a curse user, leading to a confrontation with Satoru.
  • Suguru Geto’s Decision: Suguru resolves to eliminate non-sorcerers to eradicate curses from the world. He kills innocent villagers and embraces his new identity as a curse user, causing a rift between him and Satoru.

These events not only shed light on the past of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto but also set the stage for their future conflicts and the broader themes of the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Shibuya Incident Arc:

Shibuya Incident Arc

The Shibuya Incident Arc, the sixth arc in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen, chronicles the events of the Shibuya Incident on October 31, 2018. This arc showcases the culmination of the alliance between cursed spirits and curse users orchestrated by Mahito and Pseudo-Geto, as they make their move to seal Satoru Gojo. Utahime Iori leads Gojo’s first-years to Kokichi Muta’s location suspecting him as the mole due to his Puppet Manipulation technique. However, Kokichi is gone, confirming Utahime’s suspicions. Kokichi, Mahito, and Geto forge a pact, but Kokichi’s betrayal leads to a deadly confrontation where Kokichi falls victim. The Shibuya Incident unfolds as Gojo faces off against Mahito and Jogo, leading to his eventual sealing in the Prison Realm by Pseudo-Geto. Yuji and the Jujutsu High teams mobilize to deal with the escalating crisis, with Mahito turning the situation into a dangerous game to hunt Yuji down.

Itadori’s Extermination Arc:

The Itadori’s Extermination Arc, the seventh arc in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen, covers the aftermath of the Shibuya Incident. With Yuji’s execution reinstated and lacking Satoru Gojo’s protection, he becomes the target of a jujutsu sorcerer, leading to his imminent extermination.

Itadori's Extermination Arc

The aftermath of the Shibuya Incident sees Japan in chaos, with missing individuals, curses running rampant, and political instability. Yuta Okkotsu returns as the only special grade sorcerer available to the higher-ups, who appoint him as Yuji Itadori’s executioner. Pseudo-Geto and Masamichi Yaga receive death sentences, and the release of Satoru Gojo is prohibited. At the Zenin estate, Naobito Zenin’s death leads to a power struggle within the clan. Naoya Zenin is seemingly appointed as the new leader, but Naobito’s will dictates that Megumi Fushiguro assumes leadership in Gojo’s absence, enraging Naoya, who vows to eliminate both Megumi and Yuji.

As Yuji and Choso hunt curses, they encounter Naoya, who is joined by Yuta Okkotsu. Yuta pursues Yuji, ultimately stabbing him under the guise of executing him, but secretly healing him afterward. Meanwhile, Choso battles Naoya and defeats him with his cursed technique. Yuta offers to heal Naoya in exchange for reporting Yuji’s death to the higher-ups. Yuji has a prophetic dream revealing a moment from his childhood involving his father and a mysterious woman. Upon waking, he learns from Yuta that his execution was staged to circumvent a binding vow. Megumi approaches Yuji and asks for his help in rescuing his sister, Tsumiki, who is entangled in the Culling Game initiated by Pseudo-Geto.

Perfect Preparation Arc:

The Perfect Preparation Arc is the eighth storyline in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen series. In this arc, the students and allies of Tokyo Jujutsu High face the aftermath of the Shibuya Incident while also gearing up for the impending threat posed by Kenjaku’s latest scheme: the Culling Game.

With Yuta and Choso by their side, Megumi and Yuji embark on a mission to Jujutsu High, where they join forces with Maki and Yuki Tsukumo. Their primary objective: contacting Master Tengen. With Satoru Gojo sealed away and Pseudo-Geto’s intentions unclear, Yuki sees this as their best opportunity to seek answers. Guided by Choso, the group navigates through Tengen’s concealment barrier and arrives at the Tombs of the Star. Initially rejected by the main shrine, they are eventually met by Tengen themself. Tengen agrees to provide answers but demands two bodyguards in exchange, as they have become vulnerable to Cursed Spirit Manipulation.

Yuki and Choso volunteer to be Tengen’s bodyguards, leading to the revelation of crucial information. They learn that a man named Kenjaku, possessing Geto’s body, plans to merge humanity with Master Tengen, initiating the Culling Game as part of this process.

Perfect Preparation Arc

In the meantime, Masamichi Yaga faces execution for his alleged involvement in the Shibuya Incident. Refusing to divulge the secrets of creating independent cursed corpses, Yaga confronts Principal Gakuganji, who fatally wounds him. Before dying, Yaga reluctantly shares the knowledge, leaving a cryptic message for Gakuganji.

The Zenin clan, seeking to maintain control, conspires against its own members. Maki, tasked with retrieving cursed tools, confronts her father Ogi, who brutally attacks her and her sister Mai. In a tragic turn, Mai sacrifices herself to empower Maki, who then embarks on a vengeful rampage against her family. Elsewhere, Kinji Hakari, running an underground fight club, becomes a key player in the unfolding events. Megumi and Yuji, aiming to recruit him for the Culling Game, engage in a tense encounter that leads to an unexpected alliance. As the group strategizes and faces new challenges, they must navigate alliances, betrayals, and the looming threat of the Culling Game.

Culling Game Arc:

The Culling Game Arc is the ninth storyline in Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami. It follows Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and their friends as they join a dangerous competition called the Culling Game. Their main goals are to save Megumi’s sister Tsumiki, free their teacher Satoru Gojo, and protect Tengen from a villain named Kenjaku. Yuji and Megumi venture into Tokyo’s No. 1 Colony to find Hiromi Higuruma and convince him to tweak a rule in the Culling Game. Hiromi Higuruma, a lawyer, got drawn into the game when his cursed powers awakened during a trial. Despite being from the present day, he’s scored high points in the game. Players who were not originally in the game are given a chance to leave, as Yuji’s friends Setsuko and Takeshi did. They met Kenjaku, the orchestrator of the game, after the Shibuya Incident.

Culling Game Arc of JJK Manga

Yuji and Megumi, along with Kinji Hakari and Panda, declare their participation in the game. They split up to locate Higuruma. Megumi encounters some trouble but manages to find Higuruma’s base. Yuji requests Higuruma’s points to adjust a rule, but Higuruma, disillusioned with justice, refuses. Higuruma traps Yuji in a domain where he’s put on trial. Despite Yuji’s attempts, Higuruma finds him guilty, stripping him of his cursed energy. Yuji admits to Shibuya’s events, earning himself a death sentence. However, Higuruma, seeing Yuji’s innocence, surrenders. He agrees to help Yuji and adjusts the game’s rules. Meanwhile, Megumi faces Reggie in a fierce battle, using a mix of cunning and strength to emerge victorious. Reggie, underestimating Megumi, faces defeat in his own game, acknowledging sorcerers as more than mere con artists. It seems like a lot is going on in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen! Here’s a summary of the key events and developments from the passages you provided:

Reggie vs. Megumi: Reggie tries to pressure Megumi into summoning a shikigami, but Megumi outsmarts him by using the environment to his advantage. Divine Dog ultimately deals a fatal blow to Reggie, who transfers his points to Megumi before dying. Hazenoki vs. Takaba: Hazenoki fails to make headway against Takaba, whose Comedian technique makes anything he finds funny into reality. Reggie’s defeat prompts Hazenoki to give up and leave. Yuta vs. Sendai Colony Players: Yuta Okkotsu intervenes in the deadlock in the Sendai Colony, defeating Dhruv Lakdawalla and breaking the standoff. He faces off against Takako Uro and Ryu Ishigori, ultimately emerging victorious with the help of Rika.

Kinji Hakari vs. Hajime Kashimo: Hakari faces off against Kashimo, with both sides engaging in a fierce battle. Despite the intense fight, Hakari emerges victorious with a sacrifice. Maki Zenin vs. Naoya Zenin: Maki and Noritoshi face off against Naoya, who has been reincarnated as a cursed spirit. With the help of newcomers Daido and Miyo, Maki overcomes Naoya and defeats him, showcasing her full potential. Kenjaku’s Proposal and Operation: Kenjaku convinces various national governments to capture sorcerers for research purposes, leading to an operation to abduct sorcerers. The operation is met with resistance from Yuji and others, leading to conflict and tension.

Shinjuku Showdown Arc:

Shinjuku Showdown Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

The Shinjuku Showdown Arc is the tenth arc of the Jujutsu Kaisen series, marking the final climactic clash between the Jujutsu sorcerers and the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. In this arc, the stakes are higher than ever as the sorcerers must confront Sukuna in a decisive battle to determine the fate of the world. As the arc unfolds, tensions escalate as Sukuna reveals his true power and intentions, posing a formidable threat to humanity. The jujutsu sorcerers must band together, using all of their skills and resources, to stand a chance against Sukuna’s overwhelming strength. The Shinjuku Showdown Arc is filled with intense action, high-stakes battles, and dramatic confrontations as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. It serves as the culmination of the series’ major conflicts and storylines, delivering a thrilling conclusion to the epic saga of Jujutsu Kaisen.