Unveiling the Mystery Surrounding Tengen in JJKJ Manga


Tengen, also known as Master Tengen, is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. They are a powerful jujutsu sorcerer who stays in a place called the Tombs of the Star Corridor all the time. Tengen’s main job is to make sure the protective barriers around Jujutsu High are strong and secure. Master Tengen is also called the “Star.” In the past, they taught the basics of jujutsu sorcery, which led to the creation of religious groups that worship Tengen as a god.


Because of Tengen’s unique role in the world of jujutsu, most people are unaware of their appearance. Only a select few who have been granted permission have seen that Tengen looks unlike a typical human. Tengen have four eyes and a cylindrical head with no hair, but they do have a humanoid body with two legs. They usually wear a simple light-colored robes.

According to Tengen, their current appearance is the result of their evolution beyond humanity. This transformation occurred because Toji Fushiguro killed the previous Star Plasma Vessel 11 years ago, preventing Tengen from merging with her. Tengen originally looked much more human.

Tengen comes across as polite, direct, and wise, genuinely caring about humanity’s well-being. They are open to answering even uncomfortable questions about their experiences and willingly assist regular jujutsu sorcerers when appropriate. During the mission to stop Kenjaku, Tengen was fully committed to aiding Yuji and the team. However, they insisted that two members of their team stay behind to protect them. This request was firm, as Tengen’s safety is crucial for humanity’s survival.


Tengen is regarded as an immortal figure and a cornerstone of security in the jujutsu community. They are not known primarily as fighters or for participating in everyday activities. Instead, Tengen’s abilities are crucial to the framework and stability of jujutsu society. With a history spanning centuries, they have played a pivotal role in imparting the fundamental teachings of jujutsu, which have gradually evolved into the contemporary culture surrounding it.

Abilities of Tengen in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Tengen is the most potent barrier user among all jujutsu sorcerers, even superior to Kenjaku. Tengen created and maintained four pure barriers that improved cursed spirit suppression and the barriers cast by Jujutsu High assistant managers.[2] However, Tengen is a non-combat and doesn’t use jujutsu for fighting. As far as combat, Kenjaku told his allies to consider Tengen a non-factor. Though it was believed that Tengen could pose a threat to humanity once they evolved and their sense of self diminished, Tengen maintained their self-awareness through force of will and barriers.[3]

Tengen, being a non-combatant, requested strong sorcerers for protection. However, despite their non-combative role, Tengen actively supported the sorcerers in battle. In the fight against Kenjaku, Tengen assisted Yuki and Choso by manipulating the empty barriers within the battleground. Before the encounter, Tengen, Yuki, and Choso devised a strategy together. During the fight, Tengen dispelled the empty barriers to dismantle Kenjaku’s domain. Additionally, Tengen served as a distraction whenever possible, aiming to provide Yuki and Choso with any advantage they could get.

Great Tactical Intellect:

Tengen is a wise being with a vast wealth of knowledge, especially as it relates to jujutsu sorcery. It was around Tengen’s planning that Megumi and his allies formulated their operation to rescue Tsumiki. Their group was able to gain all the proper answers they needed from Tengen and formulated a plan of action to combat the Culling Game.

Tengen contributed the majority of the tactics Yuki and Choso employed during the fight with Kenjaku. Tengen accurately predicted that leading Kenjaku into an area made of barriers would make him comfortable and centered their plan around repeatedly surprising him to force him to expand his domain and burn out his cursed techniques.[6] When Kenjaku unveiled his domain, Tengen immediately recognized it possessed an open barrier just like Sukuna’s. Tengen quickly adapted and assumed the edge of the guaranteed-hit area served as the outer shell and erased it along with his empty barrier.

Immortality, referred to as “Fushi,” bestows eternal life upon Tengen, as the name implies. However, it doesn’t halt their aging process, necessitating a reset of their body and skills every five hundred years. In 2006, Tengen’s endeavor to merge with a Star Plasma Vessel was unsuccessful, leading them to evolve into something more akin to a cursed spirit than a human. Despite retaining their self-awareness, they’ve become deeply and profoundly intertwined with the world.

Barrier Techniques:

At both Jujutsu High locations, there exists a barrier that alters the appearance of the buildings daily, effectively concealing the schools from the public eye. However, these barriers primarily serve to hide the schools rather than safeguard them from infiltration. If someone is already aware of the location of Jujutsu High, bypassing the barrier isn’t particularly challenging.

Concealing Barriers:

The entrance to the Tombs of the Star Corridor is shielded by a barrier that controls over a thousand shifting doors. These doors constantly change, with only one leading to the pathway to the tombs. Along this pathway lies Jujutsu High’s cursed warehouse, housing various cursed tools and objects. Master Tengen’s shrine serves as the epicenter for all the barriers across Japan. Another barrier protects the shrine, permitting entry only to those who are invited.

Empty Barriers:

Empty barriers are completely devoid of occupants, delineated by a shell of hexagonal panels. Several of these empty barriers hover above the Tombs of the Star.

Pure Barriers:

Pure barriers represent an advanced form of barrier that enhances the accuracy of Tengen’s cursed spirit suppression and the barrier techniques performed by assistant managers from Jujutsu High. Among these barriers, four hold particular significance within the jujutsu world: the Imperial Palace, the Tombs of the Star, the Yamakuni Mausoleum, and Mt. Hida.