Toji Fushiguro: A wonderful character of JJK Manga

Toji Fushiguro, also known as Toji Zenin, is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He used to belong to the Zenin clan and was a notorious assassin called the Sorcerer Killer. Different organizations, like the Time Vessel Association, hired him despite not being cursed. He’s Megumi Fushiguro’s father and used to be an enemy of Satoru Gojo. In Gojo’s Past Arc, while associated with the Star Religious Group, Toji plays a major villain role.


Toji has a tall, muscular build with straight black hair that falls to his ears. His eyes, like his son’s, are green, and he sports thin black eyebrows along with a scar on the right corner of his lip.

In his everyday wear, Toji opts for a simple look, usually wearing a long-sleeved shirt paired with matching pants and sandals. When in combat mode, he switches to a tight-fitting black shirt, loose tan training pants with a black belt, and black martial arts slippers. Back when he was part of the Zenin clan, he used to don a dark-colored haori over a black yukata. After being revived by Granny Ogami, Toji occupies the body of her grandson. In this form, he dresses in a loose white sweater paired with black pants and black shoes.

Appearance of Toji Fushiguro in the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga


Toji is a composed and self-assured individual who earns his livelihood through his expertise, remaining unfazed by minor issues. He appears to relish engaging in meaningful discussions, particularly if they relate to him in some way, and can engage in witty exchanges with the sarcastic Satoru Gojo. When they first met, Satoru queried if they had crossed paths before, to which Toji replied nonchalantly, suggesting he wasn’t one to remember every stranger he encountered. In battle, Toji exhibits a wild intensity, seemingly immersed in the excitement of combat, yet he maintains a calm demeanor, carefully strategizing his next moves.

Toji is known as the “Sorcerer Killer,” working as an assassin and taking on risky jobs for questionable clients. He spends his time gambling between assignments, always prioritizing lucrative deals. He once considered selling his son, Megumi, to the Zenin clan he had distanced himself from, believing it would secure a better future for him, given Megumi’s potential cursed technique inheritance.

Toji is unwaveringly confident, even in the face of danger, and he doesn’t delve too deeply into his clients’ motives as long as the payment is satisfactory. He’s bold and strategic, using his knowledge of jujutsu to outsmart even the most skilled sorcerers. His reputation eventually caught the attention of the wealthy Time Vessel Association, who entrusted him with significant tasks for the promise of securing their future. Despite finding the religious beliefs of some association members bizarre, Toji maintained cordial relations with their intermediary, even inviting him to share a meal.

Toji, a non-sorcerer brought up in the Zenin clan, shares a similar plight with Maki Zenin, suffering due to the sorcerer clans’ interests. His actions stem from resentment towards the jujutsu world, driven by a desire to defy it. Despite lacking cursed energy himself, Toji left the Zenin clan, adopting his wife’s surname “Fushiguro.” Her kindness led him to mend his ways, abandoning his past habits of gambling and hunting sorcerers. Her influence likely prevented Toji from seeking vengeance on the Zenin clan. However, upon her demise, he reverted to his former self.

Toji decided to sell their son to the Zenin clan, believing in young Megumi’s potential to become a powerful sorcerer, naming him “Megumi” for blessings.

Despite completing his final task for the Time Vessel Association, Toji encountered a rejuvenated Satoru Gojo and could have escaped. However, driven by his disdain for the jujutsu world and sorcerer families, he opted to confront the most gifted sorcerer as a means of defiance. This pride ultimately led to Toji’s demise. Unable to overcome his inner turmoil, he disregarded his instincts during the battle.

Maintaining his stoic demeanor, Toji initially chose silence in his final moments. However, as he reflected on his past with his ex-wife and their son, he decided to disclose to young Gojo that Megumi would soon be sold to the Zenin clan. Toji left it up to Gojo to decide what to do with this information.

This revelation led to Satoru intervening, rescuing Megumi from the Zenin clan’s grasp and eventually becoming his mentor, providing Megumi with the opportunity to pursue a career as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Personality of Toji Fushiguro in JJK Manga Series

Later, Granny Ogami’s Séance Technique brought Toji back as a vessel of destruction. Driven by carnage, he attacked relentlessly, primarily targeting formidable adversaries. Despite risking harm to his son, Toji chose to end his own life to shield Megumi from danger. He made this sacrifice without disclosing their relationship. In his final moments, Toji expressed satisfaction knowing that Megumi identified himself as a Fushiguro rather than a Zenin.


Despite being a non-curse user lacking inherent jujutsu talent, Toji stood out as one of the most formidable fighters in the jujutsu world during his lifetime. Possessing unparalleled physical abilities, he faced off against the era’s most formidable and highly-ranked jujutsu practitioners.

Toji’s combat prowess allowed him to overcome the most powerful jujutsu sorcerers without sustaining significant injuries, often emerging unscathed save for minor cuts. Notably, he defeated a young Satoru Gojo, renowned for his Six Eyes and Limitless cursed technique, in a brutal confrontation. Additionally, Toji bested Suguru Geto, a formidable grade 1 sorcerer who would later ascend to special grade status, effortlessly dispatching him along with his strongest cursed spirits. Toji dismissed Suguru’s abilities as inferior to his own, showcasing his confidence in his unmatched strength.

Toji, leveraging his jujutsu knowledge from the Zenin clan, employed it against sorcerers, earning him the notorious title of “Sorcerer Killer.” During the Star Plasma Vessel Escort Mission assigned by Master Tengen, Toji was hired by the Time Vessel Association to eliminate the Star Plasma Vessel. Employing tactical maneuvers over several days, Toji successfully disrupted the escort, wearing down the team and lulling them into a false sense of security before launching his assault.

Toji’s meticulous planning enabled him to execute a surprise attack on a user of the prestigious Six Eyes, renowned for its god-like perception. Exploiting his lack of cursed energy, Toji operated as an “invisible man,” making him an ideal assassin. With his diverse skills, Toji managed to defeat the Star Plasma Vessel’s escort team and carry out the assassination, nearly fatally injuring Jujutsu High’s most esteemed sorcerers in the process.

Toji faced his ultimate defeat when he confronted Satoru Gojo’s awakened Limitless technique with his pure physical strength. Despite this formidable power, Toji devised clever strategies to counter the Zenin clan’s knowledge of the Limitless abilities. However, only the secret Hollow Purple technique proved potent enough to finally subdue Toji.

Remarkably, Yuki Tsukumo, another special-grade sorcerer, discovered that Toji was unique in that a Heavenly Restriction completely eradicated his cursed energy. This process honed Toji’s body to the point where he gained resistance to curses and heightened senses, enabling him to detect and control a cursed spirit capable of storing his vast array of weapons. Yuki regarded Toji as truly superhuman and reassured Suguru that losing to him was nothing to be ashamed of.

Upon being resurrected by Granny Ogami’s Séance Technique, Toji’s instincts for combat took over, overpowering the technique. In his uncontrollable rampage, he swiftly dispatched Ogami with a single blow and inflicted severe injuries on Takuma Ino, a grade 2 sorcerer, using only his bare hands.

Toji’s prowess was further demonstrated when he faced off against the special grade cursed spirit, Dagon, single-handedly overpowering it. Notably, Dagon posed a significant challenge that Maki and the grade 1 sorcerers Kento Nanami and Naobito Zenin struggled to defeat collectively. In contrast, Toji effortlessly dispatched Dagon, showcasing his capabilities at the level of a special grade sorcerer.

Following this encounter, Toji crossed paths with Megumi, who likened him to a fully realized Maki and acknowledged him as a “monster.” Megumi recognized Toji’s ability to vanquish a special grade cursed spirit and concluded that his own shikigami would be insufficient against Toji’s might. Had Toji not made the ultimate sacrifice, Megumi would likely have fallen victim to his relentless rampage as well.

Toji, known as the Sorcerer Killer, exhibits mastery in wielding a diverse array of weapons, forming the core of his fighting style as a substitute for traditional jujutsu techniques. He maintains a vast arsenal within his cursed spirit, allowing him to seamlessly switch between weapons as needed.

Employing non-cursed tools such as swords enables Toji to execute stealthy attacks without arousing suspicion by concealing his cursed energy. Furthermore, his proficiency extends to firearms, where he demonstrates exceptional marksmanship and pinpoint accuracy.

To counter jujutsu users, Toji adeptly wields cursed tools, including a broadsword capable of slicing through even the largest cursed spirits. He utilizes knives and daggers with finesse, sometimes dual-wielding for added effectiveness. Additionally, he commands a special-grade cursed tool, the Inverted Spear of Heaven, with a skill befitting its status. This weapon’s potent nullification technique allows Toji to neutralize the abilities of even the most formidable sorcerers.

Toji’s adaptability and dexterity with weapons complement his remarkable physical abilities. He demonstrates this by modifying his fighting style to accommodate different scenarios, such as attaching a chain to the Inverted Spear of Heaven for long-range combat. During his confrontation with Dagon, Toji efficiently wielded Playful Cloud, a challenging weapon according to Megumi, with maximum proficiency, showcasing his adaptability.

Thanks to his Heavenly Restriction, Toji’s lack of cursed energy heightens his five senses to their peak, allowing him to perceive curses and jujutsu solely through his enhanced senses. This heightened perception also grants him resistance to curses and the ability to track sorcerers without relying on residuals.

Toji possesses immense physical strength, effortlessly overpowering others and wielding weapons with ease. He effortlessly wrested Playful Cloud from Maki, showcasing his strength even against individuals with exceptional physical prowess. Utilizing Playful Cloud and other cursed tools, Toji effortlessly smashes through defenses and cuts through even the toughest curses. In hand-to-hand combat, he inflicts severe injuries, nearly causing death with his bare hands.

Toji possesses extraordinary speed and reflexes, surpassing the capabilities of ordinary humans. His agility is so remarkable that his opponents struggle to anticipate his movements. In a showdown with Satoru, Toji effortlessly dodged the cursed technique Lapse: Blue, evading the field of attraction before Satoru could react. Megumi also acknowledged Toji’s astonishing speed, even comparing it favorably to Sukuna’s with three fingers. During their confrontation, Toji’s agility and reflexes enabled him to evade a point-blank stabbing attack despite being ensnared by Megumi’s shadow, showcasing his exceptional prowess.

Toji’s rapid movements allowed him to outmaneuver Suguru’s curses with ease. He swiftly dodged Suguru’s Rainbow Dragon by swiftly scaling a nearby building, demonstrating his agility. Moreover, Toji’s reflexes were sharp enough to counter Kuchisake-Onna’s scissor blades, which had already inflicted cuts on him before he reacted. When Suguru closed in, Toji swiftly struck him down along with the Imaginary Vengeful Curse.

During battle within Dagon’s Domain, Toji’s speed was awe-inspiring. He moved so swiftly that he effortlessly traversed water surfaces and astounded the special-grade cursed spirit. As the battle intensified, Toji’s speed only increased, enabling him to effortlessly navigate through hordes of shikigamis with unparalleled ease.

Toji possesses exceptional tactical intellect, employing careful planning and strategic foresight in his missions. Drawing upon his knowledge from his time in the Zenin clan, Toji understands intricate concepts such as the workings of the Limitless and the Six Eyes, allowing him to formulate effective strategies.

Toji Fushiguro

In his mission to confront Satoru and his escort team, Toji devised a methodical approach to gradually wear them down. Leveraging connections within the curse user community and resources from the Star Religious Group, he placed a bounty on the Star Plasma Vessel’s head, attracting evil sorcerers to the task. Toji astutely recognized that these sorcerers would be unable to succeed, essentially utilizing their efforts as free labor. Moreover, he set a time limit, exploiting it to his advantage by luring Satoru into a false sense of security once the mission concluded. Seizing the opportunity when Satoru deactivated the Infinity, Toji swiftly engaged him in combat.

In battle, Toji demonstrates keen analytical skills, swiftly discerning his opponents’ abilities and devising strategies to counter them. He accurately deduced Suguru’s technique early on and recognized Kuchisake-Onna’s ability within her Domain. Additionally, Toji devised multiple methods to counter Satoru’s Limitless during their final confrontation. Even upon being resurrected by Ogami, Toji promptly formulated a theory explaining how he retained his individuality despite the technique’s influence.